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November 2017

 Dad's memory is definitely not getting any better, he often thinks that he is about 18-20 years old and he wants to go back "home" to Salt Lake to be with his mother.  Most of the time he doesn't remember who I am and he calls Robin, "that woman".  He doesn't remember that he was married for over 50 years, and he talks a lot about his friends - the ones he had when he was young.  He continuously talks about a truck that he left somewhere and he wants us to take him to it. Dad has the shiniest shoes around because he spends hours each day shining them - with a polisher attached to his drill. But yet, suddenly without warning he will be lucid and remember recent details like my husband's name.  Dementia is so strange!  There is no predicting how he will be at any given time.  Fortunately for the most part he is calm.  I have heard of some dementia patients who get very agitated and mean.  Dad isn't like that.  However he frequently gets