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BYU Women's Conference

I believe that BYU Women's Conference is just about the best two+ days of the year! Where else can you spend time with a bunch of women laughing, eating great food (not to mention yummy treats like BYU Brownies, fudge, and chocolate covered cinamon bears), bonding together, and best of all sharing insights and learning how to better live the gospel. We had a tremendous time! This year I was able to share my room with two of my favorite people, Cyn and Jalyn. Jalyn's sister-in-law, Debbie also joined us. I didn't know her well before the conference, but soon grew to love her too! We were in the same motel (The Travel Lodge) as Marilyn, her mother, Wanda, her sister, Lynn, and nieces, Hope and Grace. All of us got together the first night to have dinner at the Brick Oven - a tradition that Marilyn's family has had for many years! Since it was very close to Marilyn's birthday we just had to have the waiters sing for her and bring her a special treat. YUM! Following d

Bubba Sings Bingo & the ABC Song

Okay, I will admit it. I am a shamelessly prideful grandma! I just had to share this video of my Bubba's talents.