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Food 4 Thought Friday

A little feast without the calories!!

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Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions:
Breakfast ~ What was your "ah-hah" moment this week?  I’m not sure it was an ah-hah moment, but while visiting teaching this week I read a quote by President Monson, “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved”.  This really struck me as a vital key to life.  It is so very important that we recognize the importance of love.  It is so much more important to preserve a relationship than it is to be “right”.
Lunch ~ What did you do this week that you haven't done before? I attended an INPD (Intermountain Nursing Professional Development) conference. It was a great conference giving ideas on how to better teach nurses to be better nurses.   Dinner ~ What is coming up that y…

Week in Review 9-25-16

The first part of this week was quite stressful.  The school where I work is working to gain accreditation through CCNE (The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) for our bachelor's of nursing program.  The requirements and process for accreditation are quite cumbersome and many people have worked many hours trying to pull it together.  This week was our site visit from the CCNE representatives.  They spend three days touring our campus, visiting our clinical sites, interviewing various personnel such as financial aid and administration, and reviewing all of the paperwork we submitted.  They had a long meeting with all of the faculty to asking how our coursework and student mentoring lead our students to an outcome of being a working RN who has passed the state board tests.  It was grueling.  To be honest the part I played in getting ready was very small in comparison to the program administrator and some of the more experienced faculty, but nonetheless I felt the heavy weig…