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Father's Day - part 2 My Dad

For Father's Day all of the girls got together and took out dad for a picnic in the park.  He loves just hanging around his daughters (of course!  because we are so fun!).  I made some pulled pork sandwiches and everyone else brought pot luck.  It was good to get together, it has been a long time.

Happy Father's Day part 1 - Kim

My husband - Kim.  Amazing, kind, helpful, tender, chivalrous, supportive, hard working, and FUN! Recently Kim has been crazy, busy.  He took us on a fantastic vacation, took care of me when I was sick, fixed cabinets for neighbors, planted a mini-garden for our grandson, hung some cabinets for our daughter, spent one whole day doing a carving demonstration - all this on top of working 60 hours a week! Because of all of this, he hasn't had time to plant his beloved tomatoes that he looks forward to each year.  He did find time to till the garden area and plant some new bushes for me, but he his poor little tomatoes have been sitting in pots under our front tree day after day. So, this morning, I decided to give him a belated Father's Day gift.  I went out and planted his tomatoes for him. I just hope that I did it right!  And I hope they grow for him. Happy Father's Day, Kim.  I love you!