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What a Day!

Whew!  What a day! My day started off alright - except that I woke much to early knowing that I was going to be "on call" and may have to work all night. I started the day right with a prayer and scripture study (something I have been lacking lately!) and then I got ready for the day.  I had decided that it was time to catch up on some housework, so I rolled up my sleeves ... and then ... for some reason ... my hands started working slower ... and for some unknown reason depression started washing over me ... and before I knew it ... I had tears streaming down my face. I really don't know why the depression started this morning, I wasn't depressed when I got up!  Anyway, as the tears started falling my confidence fell along with them.  Soon I started beating myself up about everything imaginable.  Luckily I have angels looking over me! I went to lunch with two of them, Tammy and my sister, Ashley.  Then they came to my house and helped me start moving my cloth