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A Day at the ZOO!

Is there anything greater than going to the zoo with a toddler? Yesterday Shandra, Kalel, and I had a great adventure at Hogle Zoo. Bubba loves animals, and he had a terrific time watching them. He liked watching the elephants getting a drink of water. The black bears were having a fine time wrestling with each other andBubba wa totally enthralled! He was a little nervous, and wanted to be held most of the day, especially when we were right next to the giraffes! There was a little baby giraffe that was so very adorable! There was also a little snow leopard cub climbing and jumping all over his mother. Bubba thought that was very funny. He was very impressed with the big tiger - and he demonstrated his growling ability for the tiger! He really enjoyed the train ride, even though he didn't quite understand what was going on. His very favorite part of the day was in the gift shop where we got him a little bag of play animals. He played with the tiger and snow leopard mama's and b…

Intermountain Donor Service 5K

This year, even though I really wasn't in shape (just got through with finals, remember), Shandra and I decided to run the Intermountain Donor Services 5k Fun/Run. I love doing this run because we do it in honor of BJ each year. The first year that I ran this race was in Salt Lake, and it was huge! over 700 participants. Because it was so large, they decided to divide it into two courses, and the last two years we have run in Ogden. The participation in considerably smaller in Ogden - I think that there were only about 50 participants, but it is still a lot of fun with very little pressure.

The course starts at the stadium at Weber State University and goes along Skyline drive. It is a beautiful run. This year instead of going around the Dee Events Center, we ran down to the front of the campus, almost to Harrison, all along the west side of the campus, and then finished by running all the way back up the hill to the top of the stadium. Needless to say, the last part was a KILLER! …