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Spring is Coming!

I think that I am finally climbing out of the deep dark hole of depression and starting to feel the effects of the sun (as well as The Son) again.  Struggling with depression in the winter months is something that I deal with every year, but I'm pretty sure that this year was the worst I have ever experienced.  Not only was I depressed, but I also fought bouts of anxiety.  Needless to say, it was AWFUL!  I have felt the stirrings of peace and happiness now for the last 4 days and it is WONDERFUL!  It probably is not gone entirely, but at least I feel like I can handle it pretty much again.

I have been extremely lax in writing the last couple of months, so here is a summary of my doings.

First, and very most important, I’m going to be a grandma again!  Tasha took a pregnancy test on Christmas morning that was positive – what a great Christmas present!  She let Kim and I see the test but then she proceeded to forbid us from telling anyone for two more months!  It was extremely diffic…