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Teaching Relief Society

I had the great opportunity of teaching a Relief Society Enrichment Meeting this week.  The topic was  "Getting Negativity Out of Your Marriage"
It was good to study techniques to help keep positiveness in marriage - especially things that I could work on myself.  And it was fun to share these things with my Relief Society sisters.
When I was first preparing my lesson I asked Kim his advice - and since he always considers himself to be the negative one in our marriage he jokingly suggested that I take a picture of the two of us, rip him out of the picture, and throw his part away.  Well, I know that would NOT be the best way to improve our marriage - but I decided that it would be a great attention-getter for the class.  And, it was.  there were tons of gasps and groans when I ripped up our wedding picture (of course it was just a copy I had printed!)
I talked about several things, among them were found on a website entitled:  to love honor and vaccum 7 Thoughts that Will Ch…

Finding relatives

For many years I have looked at the names in my family history.  Over and over I would stare at the names and wonder what good it did me to have the names.  I know that we are instructed by the Church leaders to do our genealogy, and I was trying to obey, but it appeared that all of the names were filled in by other family members and I didn't know what to do.

A little while ago I decided that I could start posting pictures of my mother and her family from the scrapbooks she kept.  I also posted some pictures of BJ.  I was hoping that by doing so someone could benefit.  But once that was completed I felt the familiar sensation of being lost.

Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago.  My favorite cousin, Bob, has a much younger sister that I never got to know very well.  She lives several states away from us.  Through the boundless assistance of social media, namely FaceBook, I was able to connect with this cousin, Jamey. 

Jamey has recently started piecing together her family hist…