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Food 4 Thought Friday!

Breakfast:What is most pressing on your mind right at this moment?Tasha is in Cedar, just secured a new job and apartment. She is going to move down there for the next year. I am really thrilled that she is going to have that experience, but my oh my how I am going to miss her!

Lunch: What age do you consider "OLD"?
Some just told me that you don’t get old, you just stay “plenty-nine” years old. I tend to agree with that. Sometimes my body feels really old right now, but my mind is just as young as ever! I guess if I make it to 100, I will be really old!

Dinner: When is your"I'll be happy when..."going to happen?
I have never thought I will be happy when something happens, I pretty much enjoy life as it comes. However, that said, I’m pretty sure that I will be happy when I arrive in Hawaii next month! I can’t wait!

Midnight Snack: What have you been craving lately?
Ice cream. It seems like I want some every day!

Recipe of the Week(instead of your recipe for …