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Southern California 2013 Part 7 - Princess Day!

Princess Day!  Saturday afternoon Shandra had to fly back home because she had to work, so we decided to spend the morning doing whatever she wanted.  Imagine my delight when she said that she wanted to try to get autographs and pictures will all of the princesses in the Park!  Hooray!  Tasha and I both LOVED that idea.  We left the guys at the condo to sleep in and meet us later, and we got to the park before opening.  Our plan was to be the first ones at the Princess Fantasy Faire and then spend the rest of the morning searching for other princesses.  While we were waiting in line, Shandra braided Tasha’s hair into a beautiful ‘do - she got quite a few compliments on her talent!

  We were successful in getting to the Fantasy Faire before anyone else and were soon ushered in to meet Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  We think that Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) may have still been a little tired, because she was very quiet and didn't seem very excited to see …

Southern California 2013 Part 6

Pin Trading Before we left for our trip we had a friend tell us that when her family went to Disneyland they bought pins so that they could trade them with cast members and other people.  She said that it was a great activity and it really kept her kids entertained while waiting in the long lines.  It sounded fun, so we immediate ordered 50 pins so that we could be involved in the trading.  It actually was fun, we grouped them together and decided which group we were going to search for.  Kalel liked looking for pirate pins and collected several (he gave a couple of them away to friends when he returned home!)
 In addition to searching for Grumpy pins, Kim just liked searching for pins for each of us and spent a ton of time in the shops looking for pins – both to buy and those to trade.

He and the girls got me these “Nerd” pins and a lanyard for Mother’s Day.

Kim also gave me this special Nurse Pin.

Tasha was the one who went CRAZY of the pins!  She decided that she wanted to collect…

Southern California 2013 Part 5

Friday we decided to visit all of the attractions that we had missed so far as well as those we wanted to repeat (we actually made a list and voted on all of the things we wanted to see that day).  We visited Toon Town and rode Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin and got to meet Mickey Mouse in his house.  

After exploring Toon Town we found Repunzel’s Tower and after waiting in line for a while we got her autograph.

We found Merida from the movie Brave and her 3 brothers who had been turned into bear cubs.  Since Kalel's new half-brother was born a couple of days before, Kalel and Shandra asked Merida is she thought that it would be better to turn Kalel's brother into bear cubs too.  She replied, "If he is a lot of trouble now, it will be much worse if he is a bear cub.  It is probably better to let him stay a boy!"  It was very cute!

We rode Splash Mountain again, but this time we were prepared with rain ponchos!

For a late lunch we decided to splurge on the Big Thunder …