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Sisters and Daughter Retreat

Our first Sister and Daughter Retreat was a marvelous success!  Spending time with my sisters and nieces and daughters away from the everyday stresses in life was perfect for recharging my batteries!  And, bonus - we got to know and appreciate each other better.  Tasha was even able to fly up for the retreat.  Perfect!
Ash, Robin, and Rox were not able to make it up to the condo the first night, so Shandra brought Kalel up.  It was just Kalel, Shandra, Tasha, and I.  We had a fabulous time laughing and playing games.I LOVE the endorphins achieved by laughing!
The next day the rest of the group  joined us.  Robin and Kenzie, Rox and JoCee, and Ashley all joined us for good times.  We played tons of games, ate a ton of junk, talked, and relaxed.
Kenz as usual was a bundle of energy and got Ash dancing (always an enjoyable performance) and she and Tasha did some yoga.  Robin and Kenzie were in charge of crafts and  hit the mark perfectly!  My mother was an incredible painter.  Rob and K…