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Christmas at the Condo

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. First and foremost, I was finished with finals so I could RELAX!!!!! Yeah! Second, due to scheduling conflicts, the only time we could do our annual December trip to the condo was actually on Christmas Eve - that was a total change of pace, but one that I think is worth repeating! Yes it was difficult to haul all of the gifts up and back, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. We had our Duerden family party at noon with a big dinner, gifts, and games and then headed to Wolf Creek. Shandra had to work until 5, so she arrived about an hour after the rest of us. It was great! We read stories, watched Christmas movies, and made cookies for Santa. Tia (Tasha) and Bubba then escaped upstairs to sleep while Kim, Shandra, and I waited for Santa. We took up a tiny Christmas tree, so all of the presents went under the tree. (Actually, we placed the tree on top of the presents). It was funny because almost all of the presents this year were wrapped in Dr


It is so strange to me that I react the way that I do. I wish I had a better understanding of exactly what is happening. It makes no sense. Tonight I went to the viewing of a friend. He was a very good man, and will be sorely missed. When BJ died, I remember that the viewing was wonderful. It was incredible that so many people came to share with us. All of my memories of the viewing are positive, and I smile whenever I think of it. The viewing was a light in an otherwise dark situation. It buoyed us up and gave us the lift we needed to survive the sad times ahead. I know with all of my heart that BJ is alive and in a wonderful place surrounded by people who love him. Sure, I miss him, but I don’t wish that he were back here with me – that would just be a selfish wish. I am thrilled to think that he happy and doing well. Yes, I do have some sad times when I miss him so badly that I can’t help crying, but those days of sorrow don’t happen very often. Mostly,

Ready to Enjoy the Christmas Season

After a very stressful, albeit wonderful, 15 weeks of nursing school, I am more than ready to start enjoying the Christmas season. I feel like I have been cheated just a bit this year since I felt too stressed to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving this year - however I console myself with the fact that it will all be worth it when I have license. But now, the last test is done, no more studying for 3 more weeks, and to say the least - I AM EXCITED and ready to relax and enjoy. Some of my favorite things about Christmas: Christmas music - yes I am one of THOSE people who start listening to music several weeks before Thanksgiving. I just think that there is so much great music, that there isn't time to listen to it all. Also, Christmas music always makes me happy. Some of my favorite Christmas albums are by (of course) Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Amy Grant, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, Voice Male, Alabama, Andy Williams, The Osmonds, etc, etc. Recently I put some of my Christmas mu

Great quote

I found this quote today, and I LOVE IT!. "The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude." --Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Come What May, and Love It", Ensign, Nov 2008, 26–28

First Day of School 2010

It is finally here! The first day of nursing school! I always have taken pictures of the kids for the first day of school each year, however this year I am the only one going to school - so I had to take a picture of myself! It is SO EXCITING to be in the nursing program!

Island Park

Here are the highlights of our fabulous trip to Island Park. They are in no particular order. This first picture is looking right out of our cabin's front door. The view is incredible! We had the opportunity to go to the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone. What an incredible experience! I was so impressed with the talent of these young actors. The same actors put on three different shows during the summer, rotating a different each day. They must have phenomenal memories! Tanissa , Shandra, Tasha, Ranae , Janae and I went to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Of course, I sang, "Going Courtin '" and "Bless My Beautiful Hide" to everyone for the rest of the weekend! Saturday Night Cynthia, Sheryce , and I saw "The Foreigner". I can't remember ever laughing so hard! I have seen this play before, but this production far exceeded anything I have seen before. Kim pushing Karyssa and Bubba in the Swings My new best friends, Ranae and Janae

Canyon Fun

We are so fortunate to live so close to a place where we can get away from it all! We celebrated the July 4th holiday on Monday, July 5. We headed up to the canyon for a great day of hiking, playing games, and of course hobo dinners and S'mores! I just LOVE the relaxing atmosphere up there. Tia's friend, Zane, came up with us, and Bubba decided that he was his new best friend!

A Snake Tell

A couple of weeks ago, Lou and I decided to go for a walk with Bubba. She took him out to strap him in the stroller, when all of the sudden she saw a snake! It wasn't a big snake, and it looked like it wasn't moving, so she just "calmly" strapped Bubba in tight, and wheeled the stroller several feet away, and then called for me. Oh course, Kim was at work, so it was just us ladies to take care of the beast. Lou stood guard until I got there, and then I had a look. Yep, it was a snake alright, it stuck it's forked little tongue right out at me and wiggled just a bit to show me that he was very much alive. And the pattern looked suspiciously like diamonds. Well, I decided that I could take matters in my own hands, so once again I left Lou as a look out to make sure it didn't slither away, and I ran to the back yard to get a shovel. Unfortunately while I was gone he slithered under a ladder that was laying there, so I didn't have a good shot of him w

Galapagos Islands

Several months ago I was asked to plan something for the ladies in our ward, and I (with the help of several very creative people) came up with the idea of a "Get-Fit Trip" The rules were this: each of the sisters was to make an extra effort to be more active. They were to tally up each mile they went and report it to me each Sunday. Each mile walked, biked, or ran was counted mile for mile. For any other activity they did (lift weights, aerobics, swim, clean out the garage, etc) they got 1 mile for each 15 minutes. Each Sunday I would total up the miles traveled, and then report how far we had gone. At the end of the activity we would have a party celebrating the place where we arrived. I even had a blog where I posted information about places that we had "visited". Well, the end of the activity was supposed to be right around time for my finals, and I got called to be a primary teacher, so honestly, I kind of dropped the ball for the month of May and most of Jun

It's Official!

Well, I finally got my letter from Eagle Gate College – I have been accepted into the nursing program! WooHoo!!! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now that it is here I have very mixed emotions. On the positive side: Obviously I am thrilled to be accepted! It is so nice to finally know for sure which direction I will be heading. I truly am excited to start studying things directly related to my career choice. I am now on the path that will eventually have an end. I will be achieving a goal that I set many, many years ago. Once again the way has been opened up in a way that confirms that this is what I am supposed to be doing. On the negative side It is going to take an enormous amount of work, homework, studies, hands-on practicals. It is going to require an enormous amount of time, money, and sacrifices for not only me but for my entire family. What if I don’t have the stamina to see it through? What is going to happen with the job I have