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Lagoon - A Gift from a Good Friend

Kim's family has always exemplified the quality of loving others.  Many, many individuals and families have been "adopted" to become part of the family.  One such adoptee is Greg.  Several years ago, the California Olsens (i.e. Doug's family) befriended Greg who soon became part of the family.  That friendship soon spread to the rest of the family, and before long all of the Utah Olsens claimed Greg as one of the family.  In addition to the benefit of his friendship, this association has numerous pay-offs.  One of the perks of Greg's friendship is the receipt of pints and pints of ice cream!  Greg LOVES ice cream, and he loves to share it even more!  When he visits from California, he goes to Peach City at least once a day and buys several pints of ice cream.  With so many flavors to choose from, Greg has come up with a sure-fire way to ensure that he tastes all of them.  He obtained a complete list of ice cream flavors and alphabetized the list.  Then, each day