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I'm FREE! (Temporarily)

I can't even put into words the joy and exhilaration I am feeling right at this minute! Why? Because at the current time I have absolutely NOTHING to study for! No tests coming up, no papers to right, no texts to read. Spring semester is over - and I SURVIVED! In fact, I not only survived, but I did well. I look back over the last 16 weeks, and I am very pleased at what I have accomplished.
I promise to RELAX and enjoy this time off - because the summer is going to be worse!

Great Gift and Pirate Ship

I have the GREATEST girls in the world! My dishwasher stopped working about two months ago, and when Shandra and Tasha got there tax refunds, they decided to go together and buy me a new one! (Perhaps they bought it because they didn't like doing dishes by hand - but I choose to believe that they are just wonderful and wanted to give me a gift!)

Tasha, and Kim worked hard to get the old one out and the new one installed and running.

Of course, they never could have completed the job without their great assistant, Bubba!

The best part of new appliances, of course, is the box!

Bubba just loved playing in the box - but then . . .

Tia spent all night converting the box into the "d'Artagnan" a great and mighty pirate ship!

Captain Kalel and First Mate Tia have literally spent days sailing the open seas looking for "booty" and following treasure maps looking for "gold doubloons". Fun, fun times!