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Getting Ready

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. I love getting together with all the family, I love, love, love turkey dinner with all of the trimmings, and I love sitting around playing games together when we are too stuffed to move. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is our planning session.

My sister and I run around early Thanksgiving morning to gather all of the newspapers so that we make sure we don't miss any of the ads. We then seclude ourselves in a room surrounded by said ads and go through each one page by page. Using the ads and our previously drawn up spreadsheet listing each person on our Christmas list we make up our game plan. We decide which bargains we must get to first, those we are willing to wait in line for, and those that we can live without if things get to crazy. This process usually requires about two hours.Then, it is off to bed - very early for we know what an exhausting day is in store! Many years we get to Ogden several hours before the sun is up! Waiting in a l…