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Post Graduation Vacation

Early (and by early I mean at 5:00 a.m.!) the day after my graduation, we loaded up and headed south.  Shandra had planned a trip to visit a friend in So. Carolina, so we dropped her off at the airport to catch her flight.  Tasha, Kim, and I continued in the car.  The plan was to drop Tasha off in Cedar and the Kim and I would head to St. George for a relaxing time full of sunshine and no stress.

Every time I make the trip to St. George, I think about stopping at Cove Fort, but we are always in a hurry to arrive.  This time, we were just taking it slow and easy, so we decided to stop at Cove Fort.  I am so glad we did!
Cove Fort was built by Ira Hinckley in 1847 to offer protection to travelers from the Indians, as well as provide rest and food.  It is built of lava rock and the walls are 4' thick at the bottom and 2.5' at the top.  Even though it was built for protection, it was never used for that purpose.  It was very interesting to sit in a cabin that was actually built o…

The Tassel is Worth the Hassel!

There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises."  Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning.  ~Orrin Hatch
Graduation – WOW!  Who would have thought that a ceremony would invoke such strong emotions?  I was very surprised!  Kale, Brynanne, and I drove down early so that we could have group pictures taken.  It was amazing to me how just putting on the cap and gown seemed to transform us into a new group – no longer students, but officially part of the nursing world.  As we walked across the stage on our way to our seats, I heard “Way to go, Hija!”  from Tasha and Bubba.  I thought that I would die from the pride that I felt!  Perhaps it is selfish, but listening to all of the speakers sing our praises and hearing the cheers from the audience filled me with a huge sense of pride.  I had worked very, very hard for this day, and it felt wonderful to be praised for it.

After the graduation ceremony, we had the nursing pinning ceremony.  This wa…