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February 2019

Wicked Wicked, what more can I say.  One of the very best productions I have ever seen.  This was my third time seeing it, and I was not disappointed.  The incredible talent of the performers never ceases to amaze me.  I could listen to them sing all day long!  Tammy and I went down together and met up with Cyn, her sister April, and mother, Shearer at Cheesecake Factory for a great brunch.  Fun, fun, fun day! After dealing with all of the craziness lately, we sisters were more than ready for a Sister's Retreat.  There were no condos available at Wolf Creek, so we drove up to Bear Lake.  Roxane and I drove up together.  The weather was cold but absolutely beautiful as we drove through the canyon.  It had been storming most of the week before but the sun was shining as we drove.  I really dislike winter, but this drive almost made me like winter. We decided that we would take ourselves out for dinner.  Since it was winter there weren't many restaurants to choose from,