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March 2020

I have been eagerly anticipating the beginning of March because that means spring is on its way and the doom and gloom of January and February would be over.  On the first day of March, we got snow and I joyfully quoted the old adage, "March comes in like a lion and will go out like a lamb" as I dealt with the snow and didn't even complain.

Sadly my joy was short-lived.  Joan rallied a little in the hospital, but then she started declining.  After many consultations between family, nurses, and the doctor, Joan made the decision to come home from the hospital on hospice.  They discontinued all of her medications except for morphine and lorazepam.  Her double bed was moved out of her bedroom and a hospital bed was brought in.

Taylor is a paramedic/firefighter in Utah Valley.  He talked with his Captain who said, "Firefighters take care of their own" and gave Taylor permission to drive the ambulance here to the local hospital (about a two hour drive) to transport …

February 2014

So Many Words
We decided to count all of the words that Little Miss knows now that she is 18 months old.  Can you believe it - she knows almost 150 words!  Some of her favorites are blanket, car seat, pillow, you're welcome (she learned that and Haka from the movie Moana), phone, piggies, vacuum, and chapstick.  Of course her favorite word is Kalel, which she yells all of the time when he isn't here.

Lunch with Ellen Kay and Tammy
Tammy and I met Ellen Kay for lunch at Old Grist Mill.  I haven't seen Ellen Kay for several years, but she just moved back from Texas so we decided that we needed to catch up.  It was such a fun lunch! We ended up staying for several hours.  We talked about everything from memories of high school to current joys and worries of our lives.  I can't wait until we can get together again!

Lori's Mastectomy
Lori's surgery went well.  They were even able to start the reconstructive process.  She has balloons inserted that will be filled a lit…

January 2020, A New Year, A New Decade

I decided to make a list of important events in the last decade, I have to admit that it is a pretty expansive list!  No wonder I am always tired!

2010 -- Started nursing school at Eagle Gate College 2011 -- Went to Hawaii for the first time 2012 -- My mother died, my Father-in-law died. The job I would have forever was terminated. I graduated and became an RN, started working as an L&;D nurse. My baby got married and I gained a new son-in-law 2013 -- Moved my baby to San Diego and took the entire family to Disneyland. I visited the Oregon Coast for the first time. Remodeled most of the house 2014 -- Completed BSN, obtained a Master’s Degree in Nursing, Took a cruise to Alaska 2015 -- Started doing family history, started teaching nursing at Eagle Gate College. Cheered as a brother-in-law got a liver transplant 2016 --Watched that same brother have a debilitating stroke, Lost another brother-in-law to diabetes complications. Realized how severe dad’s dementia was getting, Lost the…