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Brigham City Temple and Nursing

On October 3, 2009 Kim and I were watching General Conference when we were startled by the announcement that Brigham City, Utah would be the site of a brand-new temple! I’ll never forget the excitement that I felt when I heard that there was going to be temple built in our very own, beautiful city! Of course, at that time we didn’t know where in the city or exactly when it was going to be built. I was smack in the middle of finishing up my general education classes so that I could start
applying to nursing schools.

Fast forward to July, 2010. A general meeting was called in which it was announced that the groundbreaking for the temple would be on July 31 of that year and the anticipated completion date would be May or June of 2012. I was so excited when I realized that those dates corresponded perfectly with my nursing degree. By this time I had been accepted and knew that I was to start the nursing program in August of 2010. My graduation date would be May 2012. “How wonderful!…