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Odyssey Dance "Thriller"

Shandra, Ashley and I had the opportunity to see performed by the Odyssey Dance Company I have never seen a performance by the Dance Company, especially one based on zombies and such so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. As we were getting to our seats we found that there were many zombies among us.

Pictures taken from
The dances were so creatively choreographed and the dancers so talented that the evening was unforgettable.  The production was enjoyable from start to finish.  Some of the numbers were comedies and all included a macabre element in keeping with the Thriller theme.  One of our favorite numbers was a Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein number in which Frankenstein accidently broke the neck of his bride.  The last half of the number was performed with the "bride" totally limp as if she was dead and Frankenstein danced with her limp body positioning it in all kinds of weird positions.  I'm not sure how she survived!

My Sisters

l have three sisters, Roxane, Robin, and Ashley.  It was difficult when we we growing up because we only had one bathroom and we all had to share.  Thinking back I'll bet it was hilarious to see all of us crammed into the bathroom trying to share the sink, the tub (we didn't even have a shower - only a bathtub), and the mirror at the same time.  It was an unwritten law at our house that we had to climb up into the sink to put our make-up on.

I also have an "un-papered adoptive" sister (as my dad says).  Julie started hanging out at our house when we were young and has become one of the family.

Today I just feel like giving a "shout out" for my sisters who have faced difficult trials and struggles in their lives and have accomplished so much!  There have been struggles with clinical depression, anxiety, addiction, marriages, children, and health issues.  I'm so proud of the way they have worked to overcome and deal with their trials, and I'm so glad…