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Mom is Coming Home

We just got word today that mom can come home from Rehab tomorrow morning – a week earlier than we had expected. Needless to say, mom is thrilled at the prospects of being home again, and dad is quite excited also. I have to admit, I have mixed feelings. Honestly, it has been very nice having mom in a place where I knew that they were taking very good care of her. The food there is fantastic, the workers are extremely pleasant and friendly, and her care was wonderful. She has gained an incredible amount of muscle strength through her two-a-day physical therapy sessions, and they are fanatical about making sure that her food and fluids are exactly what she needs. Consequently mom is actually in better overall health now than she has been in the last two years. It has been nice for me to have them watching over her continuously to make sure that she does what she is supposed to and also to make sure that she doesn’t cheat on her diet or fluid restrictions. It has been wonderful to take

Fun Friends and Good Times

Last Thursday was my sister, Roxane's birthday, and since she is the world's greatest scrapper , she invited me and several other friends to help her celebrate! First Marilyn and I joined Rox and her friend Anna at Utah Noodle for lunch. Then, since it was Thursday, we headed down for some great deals at Real Deal . These ladies are all fabulous decorators, so I just tagged along hoping that I some of their talent for making their homes so beautiful would rub off on me - no such luck! But I had fun watching them, seeing their creative minds churning, as they grabbed one trinket after another. After shopping, we went back to Rox's house to get down to some serious scrappin '. After a short while, Jody joined us for the fun - and even learned a thing or too about scrappin '. We ate way too much, stayed up much too late, and created some great memory pages. I LOVE scrappin ' with Rox . She is the best at putting together beautiful pages. Marilyn is good too,

Tasha's Great Adventure

Tasha had the most amazing opportunity yesterday to meet an incredible young man. His name is Chris Figureida and he is currently riding his bike from Vancouver Washington to Key West, Florida. He stopped at the deli where she was working for a sandwich and they struck up a conversation and then when she got off work they continued talking for several hours. Chris is cycling across the country to benefit the His mission statement is: " To engage people - and especially kids, our leaders of tomorrow - to know that they can make a difference too - starting with themselves and healthy habits. Every day." As he travels across the country, Chris has the opportunity to speak at many schools where he not only shares his adventures, but challenges them to get healthy. He states: “ Studies have proven that healthy, nutritional and active lifestyles can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s my hope that by raising critical research funds and awareness ab