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A New (Used) Trampoline

When Shandra was young she used to go to my parent's house every day and jump on the trampoline for hours and hours.  Kalel competes on the tramp as part of his gymnastics.  These two facts have been the basis for the argument that we should get a tramp.  Shandra lives in a condo and has no where to put one, and Kalel is here most of the time while she is work, so she thinks the tramp should be at our house.

Although I see the benefits I still have considerable trepidation about getting one.  Most importantly, there is quite a bit of time each day that there is no adult around or awake to take an accident victim to the hospital.  My argument withstood Shandra's for a long time. . . until the Parrishes decided to move.  They offered the tramp to Shandra who immediately jumped at the chance.  I relented, but only because there is a net around the tramp to help avoid accidents.

Kalel was a good trouper in helping to get it set up.  And true to his word, he goes out and practices…