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Misc December Memories

Remodel update We finally got my living room put together!  (It isn't completely done, but done enough that we can use it!)  The fireplace turned out fantastic!   The carpet is fabulous!  We got extra thick pad so it is very soft.  I broke down and bought new furniture - got a fantastic deal, I think!    The bookshelf at the top of the stairs is absolutely beautiful!  Kim used the same flooring that is in the kitchen for the top.  All of my scrapbooks fit with lots of room to spare. It feels so glamorous in the living room!  It almost doesn't feel like it should be mine - but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  My only problem now is how to decorate it.
The ward Christmas Party found us sitting on Santa's lap!  It was a wonderful party where the primary children and YMYW performed a live nativity.

New Stake President and Bishopric
We knew that a we were getting a new stake presidency, and not many people were surprised that our bishop, David Wilding, was called as the new stake preside…

Christmas Eve with the Duerden Family

Christmas Eve was a ton of fun this year!  We met at Robin's house.  Everyone was there except Rylee's husband, Justin, and Jaxon.  Cory cooked a wonderful turkey dinner, Rox made a yummy asparagus salad, Mark made homemade pies, and of course we had mom's traditional pistachio pudding salad.  
After dinner we settled in for some fun games.  We played "Draw Your Neighbor" and then we sang the "12 Days of Christmas" with family members acting out parts corresponding with their birthdays.  (The pictures are blurry because I took them from video, but trust me it was hilarious!)
Rox brought a really fun game called "Right, Left, Center".  Every one had 3 dollars in front of them and then passed them to the person on the right, to the person on the left, or to the center according to the roll of the dice.  Even the kids were able to play and enjoy the game!  We had a great time. There was a winner on each of three tables.  I won on the first (YEA …

Early Christmas with Tasha and Zane

Unfortunately Tasha and Zane are not able to join us for Christmas this year, so we decided to celebrate early when they arrived for a visit this week.  We had a short but fantastic visit.

The fun started when Tasha joined our visiting teaching group at Old Grist Mill.  It was so fun.  I just love our monthly visits with.  Having Tasha join was just perfect!

We played tons of games and laughed and laughed.  We had a wonderful dinner with Zane's family and then we came back and opened some presents (PJ's of course).

Several months ago we all got on the Harry Potter website and were sorted into our various "houses" by the "sorting hat".  Shandra and Zane were Slytherines, Kim and Kalel were Griffindorfs, and Tasha and I were Hufflepuffs.  Tasha thought that was so fun that she knit us all scarves that corresponded with our various houses.  There are beautiful!  I'm sure that she spent hundreds of hours making them for us!

One of the funnest (and most stu…

Grinch Party with the Olsens

We had a great time at our annual Olsen family Christmas party!  Kim and I were in charge this year, and we chose to use "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" as the theme.  We decorated by hanging tons of lights all over the gym and placed ornaments painted with Grinch faces down the centers of the tables.

We played some really fun games:  for the kids we had Pin the Heart on the Grinch and we had a coloring and craft table where some fine artwork was created.

For the adults we Team Wrapped Presents, Placed Marshmallows in Boxes using only Chopsticks, Drew Profiles of our Neighbors, and played If and Then.

We asked everyone to come dressed as their favorite Whoville character, and we were pleased to see the creativity in all of the costumes!

Our funny bones were tickled until our sides hurt with laughter!  We had great food (Kim ordered roast beast from Kents), Dave brought Who Hash in the form of Chris' beans, and brought plenty of Who Pudding (chocolate of course!)  We a…