December Fun!

Saturday was the annual Olsen Family Christmas party.  The Rasmussens were in charge this year, and a good time was had by all!.

Dinner was a baked potato bar and salads - one of my favs!

The kids ran and ran and ran - they had so much fun!  After dinner we had a game of Christmas Bingo.  Kalel got the very first Bingo - he was so excited!  He also got the third bingo.  Obviously he had a terrific card!

After bingo we had a snowball fight!  It was just crazy!

Kalel was a great help at putting the chairs away
After the party, since the weather was still nice, Kim, Kalel, and I drove over to the Brigham City temple to see the nativity scene.  It was very simple and beautiful.

 It is so wonderful to have a temple so close!


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