Our 3 Minutes of Fame

Whew Whoo! "Diana Ross" and we "Supremes" performed brilliantly at our recent Stake Lip Sync. Okay, maybe we weren't quite brilliant - but at least we did it! We had anticipated a little more time to prepare and since several of the acts scheduled to perform before us neglected to show up, we were not exactly warmed up, stretched, and in sync as we would have liked to be. I have had several constructive criticisms requesting that I never dye my hair black. Karen and Janet were terrifically fun to do this with!


Mel said…
Hi, I'm Brad McMillan's wife. He's the paper boy that used to ride his motorcycle through your mom's house! (Clive & Dixie are my in-laws). Anyway, I ran across your blog through Jodi W. and I had no idea that your mom had been sick. I'm so sorry! Brad has always thought alot of your family!
Jen said…
yeah, I'd have to agree that you're a pretty good blond! That was so fun to watch!
Jodi said…
Oh my! Can I have your autograph??
I agree with the no black hair!
Good laughs!!!
Shultzybabe said…
Very cute! That would have been fun to see in person!
Doran & Jody said…
How fun!! So sorry I missed it. You guys did a great job!

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