San Diego with Tammy

I literally called Tammy at the last minute and she was able to book the same flight so that we could vacation together.  We had an adventure in the airport while waiting for our plane - it was delayed over 5 hours!  Needless to say we were bored silly waiting, but Alaska Airlines was very kind, they gave us a food voucher ($30 a piece) as well as a credit for our next flight.  I got brave and asked the ticketing personnel if it would be possible to change our return flight since we would be missing most of our first day in San Diego.  They willingly changed it for us and PRESTO our 3 day trip turned into 7 days!

Our trip was PERFECT!  We spent a lot of the time just relaxing and hanging out with Tasha and Zane.  On Saturday we went to the Koby's Swap Meet.  It was fun to see all of the things for sell there, especially the fruit that was really inexpensive.  Tammy and I bought big floppy hats to wear since we had gotten a little sunburned at Sea World.  We certainly looked like fun tourist grandmas taking the town!

One day while Zane was at work and Tasha was at school Tammy and I decided to go to Sea World.  It was just as fun as I had hoped it would be!  I absolutely love Sea World!  We had the opportunity to watch as the sea lions were fed their lunch.  It was amazing to see the trainer call each one's name and and they would respond appropriately to receive their food.  I could have stood there and watched all day!  Yes, it was just a little disappointing to not be able to see the Shamu show with the trainers actually swimming with the whales, but the show we saw was very good, and we learned a lot about whales both in captivity and in the wild.  We also learned about the ongoing conservation efforts that Sea World sponsors.  Tammy and I had an absolutely fabulous day.  One of the most exciting times for me was at a Pearl Booth.  I have been wanting to get a new ring for quite some time (who knew that my fingers would get so fat?), and I am a big fan of pearls so I decided to check out the booth.  I was able to pick an oyster and keep the pearl inside.  I was very pleased with my pearl.  I picked out a setting for it, and then I decided to get another pearl for a matching necklace.  I am so excited about them both!  I will have to wait for several weeks to get the ring, but I was able to wear the necklace that day!  It was such a fun day, I can't wait to go back.

Tasha and Zane had us try several new foods that were available in San Diego.  Of course we had to have good Mexican food at Lolitas, but we also tried some Greek at The Kabob Shop as well as yummy pizza at Blaze Pizza where you could get just about anything you wanted on your pizza.

We spent one evening at Mission Beach just walking around.  There are rides, concessions, and shops but my favorite part of the evening was just walking along the beach and listening to the waves.  I even recorded it so that I could take it home with me!

Of course one of my favorite part of any San Diego vacation is going to the beach.  I just love the beach!  Mostly I love the ocean.  I could sit and watch and listen to ocean waves for hours.  It just mesmerizes me.  It is so calming, yet it is so powerful.  I'm so glad that we got to spend some time on the beach.

The entire trip was marvelous!  I'm so glad that Tammy was able to join me.  We laughed, we relaxed, we had fun.  Tasha and Zane are wonderful hosts and we felt right at home.  I'm really looking forward to our next trip to beautiful San Diego - when my new grandson arrives!


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