New and Exciting Adventures Ahead!

When I first completed my Master's Degree I decided to just see what was out there, so I sent out a few resumes and had a couple of interviews but the overall consensus was that I would be better off to get some more floor experience under my belt.  I totally agreed!  Even after all of my schooling, there is much more about nursing that I do NOT know than what I DO know!
So, I worked, both as a Labor and Delivery nurse and also as a clinical instructor.  My tasks as a clinical instructor included supervising students as they work with nurses in the clinical settings such as long-term care facilities and hospitals.  I rounded on the students, was available to help with any new tasks or questions, ensured that they had a good hands-on learning experience, and conducted a post clinical conference each day reviewing the day, putting their experiences into practical situations, and even some debriefing of traumatic experiences.  I assumed that I would be working both of these jobs for quite some time.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from a nursing school asking if I would be interested in a full time position classroom teaching with occasional clinicals.  How exciting!  To actually be recruited for a position!  I interviewed and felt very good about the position, but I told her that I needed to think and also pray before giving my answer. 

 I knew that my boss at the hospital would be making up the next month’s schedule very soon, and I wanted to let her know if I would not able to work as soon as possible, so I had a good talk with my Heavenly Father while I was driving home.  Then, when I got to the rest stop outside of town I pulled off the road and said a real prayer asking for confirmation that it was right to take the job and give my notice at the hospital.  I had an overwhelming confirmation that I should take the job!

So now, needless to say, I am shaking in my shoes I am so nervous!  But it will be alright.  I will study hard and do the very best job that I am able.  I’m sure that I will have the Lord’s help with me!  I don’t start until the end of March so that I can finish out the hospital schedule, and then I am going to stay on at the hospital for a couple of shifts a month.

Who would have thought my life would turn out like this?  Not me!  Since I started my nursing training I always wanted to teach – and now here I am.  WOW!  Isn’t life amazing!  


Anonymous said…
That is so awesome, Audrey! God will definitely help you!

Your cousin, Tammy
Jodi Wilding said…
OH man this gave me chills! You knew you were supposed to do this years ago and now look at where you are? Doing exactly what you wanted and what Heavenly Father wants you to do! You are such a great teacher and you will be in your element! Cool that you get to still work a couple shifts at the hospital too! WHERE WILL YOU BE TEACHING?
Jodi Wilding said…
Oh and I love your new format! What one is this, I tried to do the larger area once but it just messed everything up. Can you remember how you did it? I'm assuming it's cutest blog on the block? Maybe you could respond with a comment on my blog so I will have an easy reference? Thanks!

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