Scones and Bonfire

I'm pretty sure that we have the greatest, most friendly ward in the world. I look forward to activities with ward members, we always have such a fun time.
Tonight we had a scone fest in the mountains up above Jezak's house. It was quite an adventure hiking up, but once we got there we found that it was definitely worth the trip! They had leveled out a beautiful spot and built a huge fire pit. From this spot we could see the entire city. It was incredible.
It has been rumored that Kim is the "Scone Master" so we put him to the test. He hauled his camp chef stove and dutch ovens up the mountain and then proceeded to fry up scone after scone. He did not let us down, each scone was perfectly cooked, not the least bit doughy, and fried to a beautiful golden brown. He is the Master!

We had a good crowd make the hike and we enjoyed scones, Stephen's hot chocolate, and an enormous bonfire. It was so relaxing. Over the popping of the embers you could hear several conversations going at once and frequently the sound of laughter filled the air.

Good job, elders!


Chelsea said…
Looks like a fun night! I love scones.
Unknown said…
I agree! We miss you all up there!
Jen said…
That was so much fun! I can't believe you got the pictures up so soon! Our ward really is great! And tell the scone master that he's makes a mean scone!
Jodi said…
Dang those scones were yum! BUT trying to make me think there was a snake is gonna cost him!!!

That was soooo much fun! I am so slow at posting I may just link to you!!!
Jodi said…
I forgot to tell you...I tagged you!!!

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