Hawaii Day 6

Day 6:

We started our sixth day with an early visit to Pearl Harbor. I had heard from other people how emotional you get when visiting Pearl Harbor, and I should have paid more attention. It was a very awe inspiring, perhaps even reverent place. We wandered around the grounds and visited the museum where we learned much about the bombing there. We then attended a movie that included actual video footage of the attack. We were instructed not to talk or laugh during the movie or on the boat ride out to the memorial of the USS Arizona. It was not difficult to keep that silence. The knowledge that several thousand men were killed and many of them buried on the ship there on one day was overwhelming and very emotional. When I saw the wall of the names, I could not hold back the tears.

Kim’s uncle was there at Pearl Harbor on that fateful day, and that knowledge made the whole thing more real to me. After visiting the memorial we returned to the grounds where were honored to have the opportunity to meet four of the survivors of Pearl Harbor. They were so kind and gave us all big smiles and autographs. I bought a book for Kim’s mom that I had signed in honor of her brother. I will never forget the visit to Pearl Harbor.

Knowing that our time in paradise was running low, we decided to spend the afternoon back on our favorite beach, Lani Kai. I took a long walk along the beach and had a wonderful time.

On our way home we stopped at Pali Lookout for a look at the incredible scenery of Hawaii. I never will tire of looking at the Hawaiian scenery. The greenery is truly amazing. The sheer height of the volcanic cliffs are mind-boggling, and they are all covered with greenery!
Later that night, we met with Kate, Kyleen, Kristi, and Jess again for dinner at The Shack. We had a fantastic time! I’m so happy that I got to meet those gals! They are so fun!


oh my heck, your trip looked amazing. It looks like you did it all lucky girl! No wonder it was hard to come home! I'm so glad you got to do this....next time take me :)

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