Super Heros and Kitchen

Bubba just loves superheros - and their sidekicks! He got a set of costumes for Christmas and wears them all of the time! Today he was Robin - Batman's sidekick, and he wanted to pose for the camera! Bam! Zow! Zoink!
Shandra and Tasha gave me new flooring for Christmas. It was a TERRIFIC gift! My linoleum had several holes in it which were covered by rugs and duct tape! I was soooo excited to install the new floor - but - when I looked at the cabinets I decided that I just couldn't put a new floor in with my cabinets looking so bad.

So - one thing lead to another and soon my entire kitchen was torn apart and everything was piled high in the living room.

Mert and Dan came over and helped me tear out the old flooring. Mark helped Kim install the new french door. And of course, David was here throughout as the resident expert on everything!
Unfortunately, right in the middle of the mess, Kim severely sprained his ankle at work.
Almost done! We still need to install the disposal (including new wiring because there was no ground wiring), paint the sheetrock where the new door was installed, and paint the beadboard. I almost have a kitchen again! AND IT LOOKS WONDERFUL!


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