40 Odd Things about Me

Let's have some fun on here. Forty odd things about me. 

1. Do you like blue cheese? A little is nice, but I don’t like it if it is strong.
2. Coke or Pepsi? Neither – Dr. Pepper all the way!  (If there is no Dr. Pepper then I will tolerate Pepsi)
3. Do you own a gun? No
4. What flavor Kool-aid? Fruit Punch
5. What do you think of hot dogs? If they are cooked over a fire I like them a lot, but I always get sick after I eat a hot dog, so I haven’t had one for many years
6. What is your favorite TV show? I love any of the old sitcoms
7. What is your favorite movie? Any musical.
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Milk then water
9. Can you do a push-up? Not anymore
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My new pearl necklace
11. What is your favorite hobby? Scrapbooking/blogging – but I haven’t done much lately
12. O.C.D. or A.D.D.? A.D.D.
13. Do you wear glasses? Yep, getting blinder every day
14. What was your favorite cartoon? Hmmm, can’t remember
15. Name 3 things you did today. Sang with a choir in Stake Conference, took a nap, and visited my dad
16. Vodka or Tequila? Neither
17. Current worries? Finances, kids, health, the government, classes, am I good enough?
18. Current Hates? Ugly words
19. Favorite place to be? Tropical paradise near an ocean
20. How did you bring in the New Year? Games with friends
21. Where would you like to go? Anywhere in the Caribbean and Austrailia
22. Name 3 people who will do this? ?
23. Regular or satin sheets? Regular, I slide off satin
24. Favorite Color? Green, but lately I have liked purple too.
25. Ever been on a cruise? Yes, 3 and hoping to do another one soon!
26. Right handed or left handed? Right
27. Can you whistle? A little, but not loudly
28. Where are you now? Home in my office
29. Would you be a pirate? As long as I didn’t have to steal or hurt anyone

30. Favorite food? Chocolate and baby-back ribs
31. What's 3 things you drink regularly? Water, milk, Dr. Pepper
32. What's your favorite holiday? Christmas
33. What's in your pants pocket? Phone
34. Last thing that made you laugh?  A funny video on Facebook
35. What's your favorite animal? I’m not a real animal lover, but love to look at all the sea life
36. What's your most serious injury? Broken collarbone from playing “crack the whip” in 8th grade, broken finger from playing volleyball
36. How many TVs in your house? 2
37. Worst pain? Child birth
38. Do you like to dance? YES!
39. Are your parents still together? Mother is deceased

40. Do you enjoy camping? I used too, now I prefer hotels


Jodi Wilding said…
Fun answers! Thanks for playing!

You have changed your blog!
I'm not sure I'm ready to get modernized just yet but it looks good. Simple and clean.

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