Tasha's Baby Shower

Tasha and Zane flew up for a VERY quick trip, partially to visit all of us who miss them so much, but also so that she could have a couple of baby showers.  She isn’t due until September but we are not sure how well she will be able to travel closer to her due date and her work schedule is much busier in the summer so we decided to celebrate now.

This is Shandra "helping" me shop for Shower supplies by modeling the latest in patriotic headgear.

It was the fastest trip ever, I believe!  Tasha and Zane arrived Thursday at 9:30 pm.  Friday Tasha had lunch with Kim, Kalel and I along with Jamie and Amber from work and had a shower from Zane’s family.  Saturday they attended a memorial service for Zane’s uncle, had lunch with some friends and then attended the shower Shandra and I threw for her.  We were able to get in a few games with Cyn and Marilyn after the shower, and then Tasha and Zane headed to Ogden.  They left at 6:00 this morning to drive back to San Diego (in an RV with Zane’s mom, Joyce, and 6 grandkids).  It was so fast, but so very good to see them.  I miss them SO MUCH!

The baby shower turned out very nice, I think.  It was well attended, it was fun to see all the friends and family share in the coming of her little guy.  I had Kristiann make cupcakes that where HEAVENLY!  Marilyn brought fruit that was so yummy, and I ordered sandwich wraps from Walmart that were really good.  We decorated with little safari animals and baby elephants.  We had the guests write messages on diapers for fun late-night surprises, and we asked for votes for names for the baby.  Lucas (Luke) and Bennett were the top favs, but Kim insisted on voting for Horatio and the Olsens/Rasmussens/Woodlands voted for Fred.

She got some great presents!  Some of my favorites were books that Zane had chosen and put on the gift registry, “Quantum Physics for Babies” and “Rocket Science for Babies”.  They were great!  But the very best was “Operating Manual for Newborn”  it was written just like an automobile operating manual that had actual helpful hints for babies, such as “Diaper Installation” and troubleshooting guides for smells and discharges.  It was the most incredibly creative book I have ever seen!

After the shower there was a sorting party on the front lawn where Tasha got to choose all of the hand-me-downs from Shandra from when Kalel was a baby.  It was a great trip down memory lane.

It was such a good day!  And then we played games until after midnight.  I am so happy and proud of Tasha and Zane, and I know that they are doing well for themselves, but oh it is so hard to say good-bye when they head back to California.


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